Thursday, October 08, 2020

Student Day at the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico school. This time we went to Villa Pesquera, Isabela. Excellent weather and many pilots / students with a lot of desire to fly ..

The first to arrive was Instructor Luis Ruiz who was preparing the equipment from early in the morning. Some students came to try to fly for the first “solo” fly … Luis was followed by, Eric Harthman, Charles Riggs and his son Evan, Sammy Badillo, Omar Colon, Alberto Sabah and Danis Rodríguez. Not bad considering it was a typical weekday. Also the friend Miguel Nieves arrived with his girlfriend Chrystabel, and family members.There was a demo flight pending to be carried out which had been postponed from previous days.

Eric resumed his training after a couple of weeks away attending personal matters. He spent several hours practicing the inflation of paragliders and was showing great improvement in view of his first “solo” flight soon …

Alberto, for his part, came to practice his landings, in which he had unforeseen problems. He was ready to defeat “his ghosts” as he himself indicated. For this, Luis made a change of glider, and this time Alberto, for these purposes, would use a more docile and slow glider (Apco Thrust). It turned out that in 3 flights and landings, Alberto finally landed softly on his feet on his third flight. The joy of everyone present was noted, and more so by Alberto, who had overcome that challenge. Congratulations!!!!

As for the pilots Danis and Omar, they went to fly, and fly a lot. In Danis’s case, he is simply showing how much he has improved in the sport. Flying low and “Touch & Go” with a lot of control. Omar, for his part, initially had unexpected problems with the adjustment of the seat of his paramotor. That made him land a couple of times to adjust it. Finally adjusted, he end up speaking highly of his experience with the Apco Lift EZ R paraglider, which on a previous occasion was surprised by its “performance”.

Then we got to the students…, Charles and Sammy were practicing for a while in the morning before receiving Green Light from Luis to try their first flights. Both were going to use a reliable SkyMax Moster Paramotor and an Apco Thrust paraglider. It turned out that when it was their turn to try their flights…. BOTH achieved excellent takeoffs and eventual landings (standing on foot!). The two were in the air for around 40 minutes each and their happy faces express more than a thousand words. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

As for Evan, he waited for his dad to finish flying to go out to enjoy his flight. This time he used the Fly Products Rider Atom80 Paramotor together with the Apco NRG PRO paraglider of 18.5 meters !!! Evan, who has always been very skilled, took off, flew and landed with excellence !!! Congratulations!!!

Arrival at 2 PM, and already exhausted for the day, we decided to collect and prepare for the weekend, which promises, always trusting in God’s favor !!!

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