Saturday, October 10, 2020

We returned to the grounds adjacent to the Restaurant “El Caracol” in Dorado. Two weeks ago we were here, and again already back to explore the possibilities that this place can offer us in the future.

Saying present were:

Ariel Rodríguez, his grandson Derick Castro and relatives
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Luis “Tiza” López and his son Luis Jr.
Carlos Robles
Luis Ruiz
Dave Hargett (New Student)
Eric Román (New Student)
Jude (Possible new student)

Luis was assisting the new students, Eric and Dave who were practicing hard their paragliding inflation. Both at the end of the day showing great progress in the “Reverse” inflation, also they practice the “Front Launch” procedure in the morning when the wind intensity were light…. The fatigue in both in the afternoon was evident.

At some point, Eric and Dave will be PPG pilots, here just the beginning…

As for Derick, he was flying Luis’s Apco Lift EZ R, testing any glider against Ariel’s Ozone Spyder 3 is a difficult task, but at least Derick after several minutes felt comfortable with the glider. He was also inflating the Apco “F1” with ways to fly it in a few days. We’ll see how it goes with this mission, because his progress have been tremendous.

Derick launching the Lift EZ R with authority!

Ariel also joined the practices, but decided not to go flying. Carlos, for his part, had a problem with his vehicle and could not arrive on time for the practices … In the meantime, It was nice to see “Tiza” after months of a lot of professional work, he took time to visit us and indicate that he will soon return to the flights. Ricardo, meanwhile, is working out his transportation, but he stop by for a few minutes to share with us. Much appreciated that you took time to share with us, THANK YOU 💪.

Derick testing the F1 on ground…

We finished the afternoon with a “cross” flight carried out by Luis with Derick. They both went flying through the hotel zone of Dorado. Derick took the Apco “Lift EZ R” while Luis took the “F1”. Eventually, they had to speedy the route since the weather was damaging minute by minute in the afternoon.

At about 30 minutes after they both landed, the window of flying was close when huge storm clouds came from the south, which ended the activity. As always thanking God for these opportunities that allows us to live 🙏.

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