Saturday, October 24, 2020

We were back to the paradise Villa Pesquera Isabela, betting on excellent flight conditions all day. This was like this until 2 PM at least, after that it really got too windy to fly. But that does not mean that we stopped activities. On the contrary, we take the opportunity to give “Towing” flights to students who are about to make their first “solo” flights.

But we go by part, first we must indicate the pilots and friends who said present in the activity…

Pablo Cruz, his wife Millie and friends and possible students, Guelo and Cristina
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Dave Hargett, his wife Mariela and daughter
Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick Castro
Iván Torres, his wife Pamela and the dog “Maui”
Robert Rodriguez
Noel Vale
Eric Roman
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah
Ruben Torres

Early in the morning arriving with Luis, were the pilots Ariel and his grandson Derick. Once they helped set up the tents, they went flying at once. This time, as usual, Ariel take off first, but Luis lent Derick a paramotor (SkyMax Moster) and paraglider (BGD Luna) so that he could accompany his grandfather in the air. It is the first time that both can fly at the same time 💪!!!

Derick enjoy the sport to the fullest!!!!

While this was going on, in the practice area we had Dave, Eric and Ruben. Dave, is already prepared for his first attempt to “solo” fly, Eric is very close and Rubén continues to progress a lot. Dave tried with the Paramotor today, but by the time he had to control the glider with the Paramotor on his back the wind had already picked up quite a bit of intensity. After a couple of tries, we decided to postpone this flight 😑.

Ruben showing Progress.

Some who did fly in these conditions of 15 mph + flights were the students / pilots Alberto and Sammy. Both knowing that the weather was strong, they decided to go out despite this and both flew for at least half an hour and landed with great skill. For that reason, both are worthy of their second flight-level star. Congratulations to both of you 💪!!! This was the first time that Alberto used his fast Apco Lift EZ R glider to land, and he flew twice doing excellent. The same applies to Sammy, in his short history, showing a lot of mastery and maturity on his flights.

Derick, for his part, wants to fly Luis’s ultra-fast Apco “F1” paraglider, for that to happen, Luis made it a condition that he first fly the BGD Luna 22 meters, which is an intermediate in “performance” between Ariel’s Ozone Spyder 3 and what you will find when you fly F1. There was Derick, flying and enjoying the BGD on a couple of flights in 15 mph + wind conditions. We even saw him go down really fast (45 mph+) when he was flying downwind!!!

Derrick launching the BGD Luna.

The more the day progressed, the more the intensity of the winds increased. Dave would definitely not gonna try his paramotor flight again in the day. And Ariel goes to Kite in a special way…

Ariel playing with the Glider.
Derick and Ariel Reaction, jaja

But thanks to Pablo’s help, we looked for the rope and after the rigorous instructions, we began to carry out the “Towing” flights for both Dave and Eric. They both enjoyed it very much and discovered many things in the practice. They both feel more prepared for when it is their turn to finally put on the Paramotor.

👉The “Towing” fly of Dave Hargett👈

Dave more secure about his Practice and Eric getting Ready.
Eric Roman Towing.

In the afternoon and with the oppressive heat of the day, Ariel, and later Eric, went to cool off in the warm waters of Villa Pesquera Beach. Ariel had such a good time in the area’s natural “Jacuzzi” that he even said it was even better than flying 🤪… There he stayed for over an hour while Derick collected their flight equipment. Meanwhile, Pablo was giving a small demonstration of the sport to Cristina, who is interested in sport and is currently studying aviation. We are waiting to see if Cristina is encouraged to take her Paramotor training …

At about 2:30 PM we received a visit from our friend and veteran pilot Ivan Torres, who arrived accompanied by his wife Pamela and the dog Maui. We had a great time with him, sharing anecdotes and even Ivan started practicing with Noah’s little Paragliding and Paramotor 😂. We had a great time and as always we thank God for these opportunities that he allows us to live 🙏!!!

Ivan Playing with Noah!!!
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