Sunday, November 08, 2020

Training day in Villa Pesquera Isabela. We took advantage of good weather in the morning hours and there we met the pilots Sammy Badillo, Alberto Sabah, and Luis Ruiz accompanied by his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique. Also present the students Denzen Almeyda accompanied by his father William, and beginning his training Eric Betancourt, a native of San Juan.

Both Denzen and Eric Betancourt made the most of their morning practices. Eric had the opportunity to fly alongside Luis and take the controls of the paraglider in the air. After this, he spent the whole morning practicing paragliding control and at the end of the morning he managed to control, turn and run with the paraglider. Excellent!!!

Eric Betancourt “Kiting”.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Denzen was also beginning to discover the joy of flying, as this short video shows while being assisted by Luis (and supervised by Noah). His face of happiness, simply “priceless”.

Denzen first taste of the Fly…

Also the already pilots Sammy and Alberto enjoyed their flights before the weather turned bad after noon. Both already taking off and landing without major problems and above all enjoying their flights to the fullest.

After noon the rain came, time to collect, but all very happy for a day very well spent. Thank God 🙏.

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