Thursday, November 12, 2022

With the arrival of international Paramotor Pilot Deron Freeman, we began our now traditional Team Kamikazes winter adventures. And it is that many international pilots visit us escaping from the cold of this time in their Countries. Deron was the first to arrive, accompanied by his wife Carla.

The first activity that we had pending was to fly in the traditional and beautiful Isabela. Unfortunately, a tropical system had been passing through the south of the island, making the winds and the weather in general very strong to be enjoyed. Today is not possible to fly, at least during daylight hours. We would have to monitor the weather in Aguada, where sometimes a window is opened to fly at late afternoon…

Plan B this time was to visit and share with our friend and pilot Ariel Rodríguez, who for a while was invite us for his home / paradise in the center of the island. Right next to the Mirador of Villalba / Orocovis, where you can see both the North Coast and the South Coast from those heights.

Luis consulted with Deron and they decided to visit Ariel. After a long but interesting journey, they arrived at the Mirador of Villalba by midday and there they meet with Ariel. From there they went to eat in a spectacular place where they made simply spectacular cakes with pork and rice.

Lunch Time at Orocovis – Pasteles!!!

From there we went to Ariel’s house, where we shared a great time. Ariel’s kindness, just great. THANKS 💪🙏!!!

Ariel’s Beverage….

Once we said goodbye to Ariel, we decided to try to get to Aguada for the possibility of the sunset flight. We managed to get to Aguada at 4:45 PM and from there we went to the lands of Greonier Acevedo, Luis’s cousin. There the conditions to fly were good, but zero wind. Obviously, the challenge was to take off, especially with limited space and somewhat humid terrain.

Deron tried three times but couldn’t get out. Luis made a short flight, that’s at least to say that someone flew in the day.

👉Luis Ruiz short fly, “At least somebody flew”🙂👈

In the end Deron was very happy with the adventure of the day. And we hope to continue it on Saturday. Possibly in Loiza Village. Stay Tuned 🙂…

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