Saturday, November 21, 2020

We already started this weekend with the arrival of the international pilots Esteban Torres and David Gardner who was accompanied by his wife Amara. We have many plans for the next few weeks and David is an important part of them. In Esteban’s case, he had not been able to visit the island for months, and finally he was given the opportunity in his job.

David and Amara arrived in Puerto Rico last Thursday and on Friday, Luis was with them balancing the details of their stay. Today the action finally began in Villa Pesquera Isabela …💪

Pilots and family of Team Kamikazes present …

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica, and sons Ian Darrell, his girlfriend Paola and Noah Enrique
David Gardner and his wife Amara
Noel Vale
Sammy Badillo
Yamil Carrero (Future student)
Jude (Future student)

Since we arrived in the morning it was windy. It was not the right thing to do if we planned to spend the day flying. But fortunately, as the day progressed the wind stabilized, still at 15 mph, but flyable…

David was the first to fly, with his PAP Moster Paramotor and Apco “F1” paraglider of 18 meters. Everything was fine as he could corroborate. From there he took his wife Amara to fly as a passenger, and was accompanied in the air by Luis. This led us to meet some people interested in the Paramotor Demo Rides. And both David and Luis made some Tandem flights. All the people very happy with their experiences and the introduction to the Sport.

Launching of Angel Rodriguez from Rio Grande.

Some of them were, Jude and Yamil, potential Team students. Both enjoyed their first flight experiences today. Surely we will have more news of both of then in a close future. Other people that enjoyed the experiences were Marcos and Mailyn from Isabela and Angel Rodríguez, from Rio Grande. In the meantime, Sammy Badillo, accompanied them flying, while Noel and Esteban gave hard to the practices with the paragliders in the process of flying soon.

Part of the activity of Team kamikazes…

At about 1 PM the wind got too intense and we finished the activity. Tomorrow Sunday we will return and we expect Full House of Pilots and friends, and a long day 😃…

We finish with a beachfront lunch before heading back to our homes. As always, we thank God for these opportunities that allows us to live 🙏.

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