Sunday, November 22, 2020

Today was one of the most active and most enjoyed days of all this 2020. It turns out that we had the opportunity to record a section for TV, for the people of Univision Tampa. And more than that, we had the opportunity to count on us with the new generation of young pilots who are taking their first steps in this beautiful sport.

We have a large group of pilots and their families, in addition to new faces waiting to enter the world of paramotoring, and thank God, they all had their stories and anecdotes of the day. We thank everyone who was present and managed to recognize the importance of this activity. Here we go…🙂

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene
Dave Hargett, his wife Marieli and daughter
David Gardner and his wife Amara
Ariel Rodríguez, her grandson Derick and parents Lizette and Luis Rojas
Chelo Meléndez, his wife Jessy, his mother and children Arialis and Marcos, and pilot friend Adam
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell, his girlfriend Paola and Noah Enrique
William Almeyda and his son Denzen
Eric Betancourt and his father Eric
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Esteban Torres and his father
Robert Rodriguez
Sammy Badillo
José “TNT” Villanueva
Alvin González (Possible student)
Paulino González (Cameraman and Possible student)
Univision Tampa – Elisabeth Reyes and Cameraman Jorge

The weather was excellent to fly most of the day. Although as always in large activities, there were situations. First in the morning the wind was very light and it was a challenge to take off in those conditions. Then we had about 2 to 3 hours where we had crosswinds that came from the South and we had to stop the flight activity. This was close to noon. Later it was improving and it was completely composed at about 2:30 PM, from where we were flying until 5 PM.

As there were many stories to tell, so as not to forget them, we are going to individualize them …

Pablo Cruz – He was there since early, helping to organize everything, and testing new settings on his Paramotor. He was the first to fly in the morning, and this in a very light wind. It is always a pleasure to observe his flying mastery. Especially for more novice pilots.

One of Pablo’s Filming Session.
A video of Adam flying, by Pablo Cruz.

Gabriel Martínez – Even though he had last minute problems with his method of transportation. However he manages with his wife to get to share with the family of Team Kamikazes. His gesture was greatly appreciated.

Dave Hargett – One of the new members of Team Kamikazes. He was there sharing with everyone present and in the afternoon he made his fourth flight in his young career. As an important fact, in his four flights he has managed to land standing up, without major problems. This time he used a SkyMax Expedition Moster and the agile BGD Luna 2 paraglider.

Marieli, Dave’s wife – This time she was not only in charge of taking care of her daughter, but also took part of her time to go flying with David Gardner. Experience that she really enjoy.

Marieli Reaction after her fly!!!

David Gardner and his wife Amara – David was assisting Luis Ruiz with the multiple commitments that this type of activity brings. During the day David, assisted by Amara, made a total of 5 Demonstration flights to people interested in sports. All with great memories thanks to David. In addition, at one point, David performed a series of amazing acrobatic stunts to the delight of everyone present.

Acrobatic Stunts by David Gardner.

Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick – As always, there were present since early in the morning. For which we are very grateful. There were a few details to correct with both the Paraglider and the Paramotor and things got a bit tricky for Derick with the light winds on his first attempts. This led to Derick having his first propeller break in his young career. Derick was one of the young kids interviewed on the Univisión recording about young talent in sports. After this in the afternoon, he went flying with great authority. While Ariel, always very aware of the execution and that everything flows well.

Derick landing in High winds condition.

Chelo Meléndez – He arrived there with the whole family, for which we are very grateful. In an attempt to take off, and once in the air, his Paramotor had an unforeseen problem which caused Chelo to land immediately. He was also assisting in the paragliding inflation practices, both to Marcos and Jessy.

Jessy, Chelo’s wife – Jessy, has always be pending to start practicing the sport. And she has seen how his husband Chelo and his son Marcos have developed in the sport. This time it was her turn to begin with paragliding practices, assisted by Luis Ruiz and his wife Chelo.

Marcos Meléndez – The youngest pilot in the history of the sport of Paramotor in Puerto Rico (12 years old). This time, although he was waiting to fly again, he did not have the correct weather conditions. So, he had to limit himself to practicing paragliding in the ground. There will be better days and each day of practice leads him to do better each time.

Adam, Chelo’s pilot friend – We just found out that Adam is residing on the island in the East area. He turned out to be an experienced pilot with a Scout Paramotor and Apco paraglider. Adam was one of the pilots who flew the most during the day. Mostly in the afternoon, when he closed the flight activities around 5 PM.

Luis Ruiz – In charge of the entire organization of the event, which had among its main topics the interview for the Univision network, highlighting the sport and coordinated the interview of the new generation of pilots in the interview. He was aware of the new students of Team Kamikazes, as well as carried out some Demonstration flights to people interested in the sport.

Luis taking off with Elisabeth from Univision.
Luis Ruiz flying with Elisabeth Reyes from Univision Tampa.
Reactions of Ismael from San Sebastian, Possible Student.

Jessica Cruz, wife of Luis Ruiz – She was in charge with Millie Ramos of all the details in the tents. Where there was food and drink for the people present.

Ian Darrell – He was one of the pilots who went flying in low wind conditions. Furthermore, when he was flying with an ultra fast Apco F1 paraglider of 18 meters. Of which he was delighted. He was one of the young people interviewed by the Univisión network. In the afternoon he was flying, and this time he took the 14 meter BGD Seed paraglider to fly😲. He was also assisting little Noah Enrique and his girlfriend Paola in their inflation practices.

Paola, Ian Darrell’s girlfriend – During the afternoon hours, she officially began her practice with the paraglider control, assisted by Ian. It turned out that after a few minutes she had a good command of the paraglider. So there are chances that she will fly “solo” in the near future.

Paola Trying the Paraglider for first Time!!!

Noah Enrique – Little Noah, of just 5 years old, moves around the area like a veteran. He was practicing several times during the day with the BGD Seed glider. His progress at such a young age simply impressive.

Ian Darrell helping his brother Noah in the Practice…

Denzen and his father William – Denzen is one of Team’s young students. He was practicing paragliding control, assisted mostly by his father in the day. He was also one of the young people interviewed by Univisión. We expect great things from Denzen in the future.

Eric Betancourt – He was there early with his father. And he was mounting his Fly Products Rider Atom80 Paramotor. His first “solo” flight is close, today just wasn’t the day. The weather did not cooperate as expected. We will have more news of his progress soon.

Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda – Although Ricardo did not arrive prepared to fly. He take out of his time with Ermelinda to go and share with the family of the Kamikazes Team, for which we are very grateful.

Esteban Torres – Esteban just arrived on the island, after about a year away for work reasons. Finally after so much time of inactivity he flew again. And his joy was very evident. Congratulations 💪!!!

Esteban Torres is Back!!!

Robert Rodríguez – He was one of the pilots who was able to take off in light wind conditions. After 30 minutes in the air, his Paramotor had some kind of problem and Robert landed in the area very easily.

Sammy Badillo – Quietly, Sammy is becoming a great Paramotor pilot. And it is that he has only been in the sport for about 3 months. He was one of the few pilots who managed to take off in low wind conditions. He was flying the surroundings for over an hour in his SkyMax Star EOS150 and Apco Lift EZ R paraglider.

José “TNT” Villanueva – Although he did not fly due to multiple commitments. He always managed to get to share and even made a recording for his YouTube channel. We are always very grateful for his presence.

Paulino González – Always present as a Cameraman. And we are very grateful for his unconditional help.

Video of Paulino, while Luis Ruiz is landing with Elisabeth from Univision.

Univisión Tampa, Elisabeth Reyes and Jorge (Cameraman) – This interview had been arranged months ago and it was a great success. We have great weather and the shots for the show were great. Soon we will provide a “Link” with all the events of the interview, for both Luis Ruiz and the new Generation of Pilots. Thank you very much for your support!!!.

Part of the Interview!!!
Elisabeth Reyes After Land!!!!

Finally and more important, we thank God for all these opportunities and adventures that allow us to live as a family. Thank you 🙏!!!.

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