Wednesday, November 25, 2020

After having to suspend the morning flight scheduled for 6:30 AM in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. We opted to play it safe and selected to meet at 11:00 AM at La Guancha in Ponce. We had not attended there since the beginning of the year, when the earthquakes and then the Pandemic made us stop attending such a beautiful place.

This was without much planning as the morning dawned rainy for much of the island. On the way to Ponce were Luis Ruiz, David Garber with his wife Amara, and the local pilot Esteban Torres. On the way we contacted the veteran pilot, and native of Ponce, Billy Avilés, who accompanied us in the afternoon. Very appreciated…🙂

Arriving around 11:30 AM, unlike what we got throughout the island, for “La Guancha” it was windy. Winds of over 20 mph + dominated the scene. Both Luis Ruiz and David Garber ventured out to fly and at the same time Esteban corroborated through his practices with the paraglider that it would be very difficult for him to go out in these conditions.

David went to fly in an ultra fast Apco F1 paraglider of 18 meters, once he landed, Luis took this glider to fly while David took Luis’s Apco F1 22 meters to fly, but to fly together with his wife Amara. Awesome 😲!!!

While we were flying in those conditions, something unexpected happened … the wind low its intensity and stayed all afternoon at about 7 to 10 mph. This was ideal for David and Amara to go flying in the modern Apco Hybrid paraglider, while Luis took his BGD Luna 2 (and later he was testing the Apco Hybrid), and Esteban could finally go flying and not only that. Instead, he was taking videos of the surroundings.

David landing with Amara.

Billy was attending those present and in turn was amazed by the technological advance he was seeing in both Paramotors and paragliders.

Billy Aviles checking the Apco Hybrid.

To end the afternoon, a young man named Orlando approached, interested in sports and took a demonstration flight. Orlando was very happy with his experience, and more that he was there for things of destiny solving a problem.

Orlando making an unexpected Fly.
Amara Kiting the Paraglider with David.

Here are some photos of the activity. It was very nice to see “La Guancha” quite restored despite the fact that few people are frequenting it these days. At least we make a commitment to fly there more often. Stay Tuned 💪…

👉Esteban practicing with the BGD Seed…👈

👉Esteban flying over “La Guancha”👈

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