Friday, November 27, 2020

Continuing the adventures of the week, this time the plans are to make the morning flight in the Boquerón area that had been postponed last Wednesday. And just as expected, when we arrived at 6:15 AM, there was the fog covering the entire Valley. So we need to hurry not to lose the window of opportunity to fly this conditions.

The Take Off as expected, was challenging. No wind, wet grass and a short take-off distance. Definitely for experienced pilots. The first to leave was Luis Ruiz, and David Garber followed him a little later.

👉Luis Ruiz flying over the Misty Valley of Lajas – Part I👈

👉Luis Ruiz flying over the Misty Valley of Lajas – Part II👈

They both went to skimming around the entire Valley in the direction of Lajas and then, flew back all the way to the entire town of Boquerón. The flights lasted just over an hour and a visit to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is pending for a future occasion.

👉A short view over Boqueron Town at 8:00 AM👈

1 minute over Boqueron…

Then we go back to our houses to prepare for the busy weekend that is ahead of us…

Also, we were notified that the Paramotor ParaJet Maverick Pro Moster MY20 of the student/pilot Dave Hargett arrive to the island, so, we coordinate the pickup in order to bring it to Dave during the weekend. Stay Tuned for next adventures from Dave, that was very happy with the news!!!

This story is supposed to end here, but …

It turns out that Gerardo Heinz, a former Team Kamikazes Paramotor pilot, and Cessna aircraft pilot, had to deliver a package to Luis Ruiz. In the afternoon they agreed to meet at the Aguadilla airport (BQN) where Gerardo would arrive flying his plane. And without much plans, Luis will go for a ride on Gerardo’s plane.

In some minutes, Luis coordinated with his wife Jessica to take their son Noah Enrique for the trip. And without announcing it, it would be a surprise 🤭…

Noah Enrique Surprise!!!!

Once everything was squared at the airport, when we told Noah Enrique that he was going to fly, his happy face was “Priceless” 😜.

Once they managed to take off, the flight covered the route from Lake Guajataca, Lake “Dos Bocas” in Utuado, turning over the town of Manatí, before returning to Aguadilla covering all the Coast.

👉Part of the Trip!!!👈

It was a very interesting flight. We learned about how the entire flight process works at the airport and also how the plane works. Even Luis was in charge of the controls at one point during the flight. And most importantly, for little Noah Enrique it was an unforgettable experience💪!!!

Landing the Cessna at BQN Aguadilla.

Gerardo, you are GREAT!!!. It only remains to send you blessings and health wherever you go 🙏!!!

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