Saturday, November 28, 2020

Finally Saturday… and with excellent weather forecasts we headed to Parque del Norte HATILLO. As expected, all the pilots, family members and students arrived very encouraged by the great day of flights and healthy sharing that was presented.

There are so much stories to tell, but first we must mention the Team Kamikazes and families present …

Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick Castro
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Paola Villanueva, Ian’s girlfriend and his parents
Eric Betancourt and his father, Don Eric
Michael Diaz and his father Papo
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
David Garber and his wife Amara
David “Perla” Carreras and his wife
Ruben Franco
Tim Slauson
Sammy Badillo
Luis Daniel Ayala
Dave Hargett
Eric Roman
Cristina (New student from Hatillo) accompanied by relatives

The first to arrive at the activity were Ariel and Derick. According to Ariel, it’s that Derick won’t let him sleep and that’s why they always arrive so early, 😃. They have everything set before other pilots started to arrive.

Derick Castro taking off..

Along with this group of members of Team Kamikazes, there were also many people interested in the sport and with the possibility of taking Demonstration flights with the intention of entering the sport. For this we had Instructor David Garber with his wife Amara, and Ian Darrell working together with Luis. Each and every one of those present who had the opportunity to fly, came down excited by the feeling of freedom that the Paramotor offers. Freedom at his Best… Present were, Kate and her family, originally from Missouri, USA, (but residing in Isabela).

David Garber on Action…
Ian taking off with Kate in Light Winds conditions…
Kate’s family reaction after their experience!!!
Kate’s Husband landing, he weight more than 220 pounds!!!
After the fly, Moving to Puerto Rico!!!!

We also made new friends like Walter, Lou, Omar, Camille, Elisabeth, Ron, MariCarmen, among others. Everyone having a great time.

MariCarmen enjoying the Fly.

Also early in the morning arrived Dave Hargett, the new member of the Team. He had a family engagement during the day and could not stay for flying, but managed to took his new ParaJet Maverick Pro Moster MY20 Paramotor and back to Home🙂. He told Luis that he will be doing the “Break In” during the day to be on the air as soon as possible.

Meanwhile Luis and Pablo following up with the Team students. Both Eric Román and Luis Daniel are already quite prepared to try their first “solo” flights, but we prefer to keep them on ground at least one more day practicing the skills with paragliding. We coordinate their first attempts for tomorrow Sunday in Isabela.

Another student / pilot who was arriving was Eric Betancourt, his first “solo” fly was just last week. He came with the idea of ​​flying again but unexpected problems with his Paramotor changed the plans. We will try to fix it by next weekend.

We also had a pleasant visit from pilots Michael and Rubén Franco who had not attended for a sometime due to work commitments. They both made excellent flights. They were accompanied on their flights by the most active pilots Ariel, Derick, Alberto and Sammy. All of them showing great skills and progress, like Ariel landing on foot.

Also direct from New York came, Tim Slauson. He received his new BGD Epic Paraglider and was ready to fly it. But the time that his paramotor was not used (more than 6 months), and little practice (if any) in that time took its toll. So he had to settle for practicing inflation.

Tim Kiting and Ariel Land on Foot!!!

We also had the visit of the veteran pilot and member of Team Kamikazes, “Perla” Carreras. He arrived to sponsor the activity and for a while he was practicing with a Paraglider. Good old times “Perla” 🙂. A recently operated knee prevented him from flying.

In the meantime, Little Noah Enrique every day that pass grow and improve a little more. Is amazing how the time pass in our life… 😲. He was assisted during the day in his practices by Paola, who was also practicing with the Paraglider. And even received short flights by Pablo’s “Towing” method.

Pablo making some short Flights to Noah!!!

Also, other student present was Cristina, a local girl from Hatillo. She is showing a lot of progress. In just her second day of official practice, she begins to master the inflation of the paraglider. We will surely have more news from Cristina soon 💪…

Cristina showing great progress!!!

As for Ian Darrell, as we mention before, he was helping Luis with the Demo flights, and in turn assisting with the Team students. It was great to see him take his father-in-law, Nelson, to fly with him. Nelson came to see the activity and ended up flying. And not only that, but he’s seriously considering entering the sport. Stay Tuned …

Also, we need to comments that the drone of our friend from Camuy, Ramon Mercado, was present. Filming some good videos of our activities. Is normal when we go to Hatillo to find Ramon’s drone…💪. Thanks!!!

Ramon Recording David Garber doing some Acrobatic Stunts…

At the end of the afternoon, it was time to resume the activity. David Garber finally made a total of 10 Demo flights, Ian Darrell made 5 and Luis another 3, for a total of 18 demonstration flights 😲. From the Demo flights, several people are interested in starting training. We will keep you informed if this actually occurs.

That’s what it’s all about. To enjoy the moments that God gives us. Tomorrow we go for more action in Isabela….🙏

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