Sunday, November 29, 2020

Closing the weekend we arrive at the Sunday activities, this time in Villa Pesquera Isabela. As has been the case for the past few weeks, the weather was very good for flying basically all day πŸ’ͺ.

We arrived at 8:30 AM. David Garber, his wife Amara and Luis Ruiz along with his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique were the first to arrive. There, while we were getting ready, we met Mr. Wilson Susana, who was cycling with her son Efrain. It turned out that from the conversation, we started talking about the sport of paragliding and paramotoring, and this led to both Wilson and his son coordinating their introductory flight into the sport. That was a great success, specially from the young kid, Efrain!!!.

Here we leave part of what we talked with Wilson about sports and life in general. And them his opinion after his fly… I hope this is seen by as many people as possible. We will surely hear a little more from Wilson in the future …

Wilson Susana prior to his first Paramotor Fly.
Wilson Susana Take Off with David Garber.
Wilson Landing and Expressions…

While these flights were being carried out, the Team Kamikazes family began to arrive at the place. Saying present were Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Gabriel MartΓ­nez and his wife Arlene. By the way Gabriel was celebrating his birthday. Congratulations πŸ˜ƒ!!!, Sammy Badillo, Noel Vale, Eric RomΓ‘n and his wife, Luis Daniel Ayala, Alberto Sabah, and a lot of the public that was arriving to see the flights and learn a little more about the sport.

Among this group was Marilu and her family from Philadelphia and actually visiting the island. Also Fanny and her family, who reside in Florida. Young Wesley Rivera and his family also arrived, and he apparently would soon begin his official training in the sport.

Marilu Landing…
Fanny and family, sharing her experience!!!

David Garber, had a lot of workshop doing the Demo flights to possible students of the school and at one point Luis Ruiz was helping them in flights that lasted until late in the afternoon.

Luis Ruiz landing with Norbelis.

While this was happening, pilots Sammy, Noel and Alberto were enjoying flying around. All of them showing great skills.

David Garber made some Acro Stunts, Noah is narrating it…

But the story of the day was the Team students, Eric RomΓ‘n and Luis Daniel Ayala, who were ready to try their first “solo” flights of their careers. The weather conditions were excellent. So Luis, after giving them the required instructions, was preparing the flight equipment for both students.

After a small draw, the first to attempt his flight would be Eric. So we went to the take-off area to do the necessary pre-flight practices. Eric’s nervousness was evident and he failed to hold the glider in position, as he had previously practiced. So we gave him a break and then went with Luis Daniel’s turn.

Luis Daniel performed the practice and stabilization with great authority and Instructor Luis Ruiz approached and turned on the Paramotor, telling him to take off. So Luis Daniel went to fly for first time!!! carrying out the flight plan previously discussed in the tent. His flight lasted about 40 minutes, and his landing was pretty good, albeit a little out of the sand area. We hope that this is the first of many more …, now it is time to correct some details in future flights πŸ’ͺ…

Luis Daniel, the Point of No Return
Luis Daniel first time Landing!!!

After a break, it was Eric RomΓ‘n’s turn again. He even gone to practice a little more with the paraglider before trying again with the Paramotor. On this occasion, he managed to stabilize the glider, he turned …, and Luis proceeded again to turn on the Paramotor. Eric take off to fly for the first time too πŸ’ͺ!!! Again the flight lasted 40 minutes and the Flight Plan indicated on the tent was followed. His landing was a very good one.

Eric Roman “First” Take Off!!!
Eric’s Reaction after Land. Congratulations!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to both pilots. The sacrifice of training and long trips paid off very well today !!! The joy of both new pilots was evident πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ…

Gabriel, for his part, as part of his birthday celebration arrive to take some air time. He is enjoying the sport at his fullest, and manage to fly close to an hour. Once landed, he joined the celebration of the two new Team pilots. Additional to this, he took time to help little Noah Enrique with the practice on ground. Thank You!!!

Celebration Time!!!
Gabriel helping Noah Enrique in his flights!!!!

The activity and flights continued until sunset. It was an intense weekend, but we had a good time. As always we thank God for these opportunities that he allows us to live πŸ™.

Flying until Sunset…
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