Wednesday, December 02, 2020

We went this time in the afternoon to “La Guancha” in Ponce. This with the commitment to return more often and help in what we can to raise tourism in the area again.

As expected the area of ​​”La Guancha” was quite empty. And this time the wind was strong. We can say that it was around 18 to 22 constant mph which would limit the activities of the area to experienced pilots and with the correct paragliders to be able to fly in these conditions.

Present were… Luis Ruiz, David Garber and his wife Amara, Danis Rodríguez, Ariel Rodríguez, Esteban Torres with their Esteban Jr., Dave Hargett (with his new and Powerful ParaJet Maverick Pro Paramotor) and after months of inactivity, the local pilot Randy Tirado. Miguel, a local friend also arrived. He is interested in taking classes and was taking visuals of the activity.

Only David, Luis and Danis managed to fly. This thanks to the performance paragliders, David using an Apco F1 18 meters (who even made 2 Demo flights in the area, one to his wife Amara and another to Esteban Jr.), Luis with another Apco F1, this one of size 22 meters, and Danis, using Luis’s paraglider, the 23-meter BGD Luna 2.

Dave, Ariel and Esteban did not want to venture into these winds. However, Randy, was getting back to practice and exercising💪💪💪. He took and practice Luis’s Apco F1 on the ground, while he was assisted by Esteban. It was really nice to see Randy back. We are waiting that he could resume his activities in the Paramotor as soon as possible!!!

Having a Great Time!!!
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