Friday, January 15, 2021

There were several reasons why we decided to have an activity on a Friday. Usually we don’t have it since we save energy for the weekend. But this time we had excellent flight conditions and Omar Colon had notified in our private forums of pilots that he would be in the West area for work reasons and with the possibility of going out to fly with Alberto at Isabela in the afternoon.

Also, we added the arrival yesterday of the international pilot of Team Kamikazes, Deron Freeman, who arrived accompanied by his wife Carla and his friends Paris and Honey, and they were present in Isabela ready to fly.

The meeting time was 2 PM, and the weather was excellent and other pilots join the activity. Also arriving were the local pilot Alberto Sabah, Sammy Badillo, Danis Rodríguez, David Garber with his wife Amara and Luis Ruiz. In other words, without much planning we had a house full of pilots and an excellent climate.

Luis Ruiz and David were dedicated to made some Demo flights to possible Team students, such as Samuel Castillo, Gino and Reina, Paris, Honey, Deya and her boyfriend.

Deya experience.
Gino and Reina Experience.
Paris and Honey Experience.

Meanwhile, Danis, Alberto, Sammy, Omar and Deron all flew together to the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas. The image of so many paragliders in the air at the same time was majestic.

👉Danis Rodriguez Live Video while flying over Royal Isabela👈

We left there at sunset and ready to rest a bit because tomorrow Saturday we will return to the action at same place 💪.

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