Saturday, January 16, 2021

We continue to be very active in 2021. And again we returned to Villa Pesquera ISABELA. Ideal place for the development of new Team Kamikazes pilots. This time the winds were a little stronger than we wanted, but it still flyable and shared to the fullest. There were many new people interested in getting into the sport and our family of pilots.

Here the family present …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Iván Torres and his wife Pamela
José Fuentes, his wife and son Gamaliel
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neysha and their 2 children
David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz
Sammy Badillo
Eric Roman
Alvin González (Possible student)

The morning started very active. The pilots Sammy, Alberto and Pablo flew at will. It was nice to see Pablo fly, not once but three times. In the case of Alberto and Sammy, with each passing day they become better pilots. Its takeoffs, landings and “Touch & Go” are becoming smoother.

👉Part of the activity, narrated by Pablo Cruz👈

Again Luis and David were in charge of some Demo flights of people interested in entering the sport. As was the case with Carmen, Andrea from Juncos, Madeline and David from San Juan. (We limited this activity in the afternoon, because the winds gets too hard to enjoy…)

Carmen enjoying the Experience!!!
Madeline and David Experiences!!!
Andrea enjoying the Experience!!!

Meanwhile, the students / pilots of the school who could not fly today due to the intensity of the winds, were giving hard to the practice of inflating the paraglider. All showing progress, so we look forward to better skills when the opportunity to fly again in good weather. There were Eric Román (who will soon face bigger challenges), Hermes Ferrer and José Fuentes. Also, Ivan joined them, practicing for a while. He even tried to do “Free Fly” from the nearby sand dunes.

Ivan, Hermes, Eric and Jose working hard!!!

Also, at one point we had a visit from friend (and possible school student) Alvin González. This is one of the best sport motorbike racers in Puerto Rico and he performed a Tandem flight with David Garber, one of the best in the Paramotor specialty. From Master to Master.. Alvin’s videos were very good and we share some around here …

👉Alvin recording some Paramotor Acro Stunts from David Garber👈

👉Part of the Fly of Alvin with David Garber close to the Royal Isabela Cliff👈

At the end of the afternoon, we were gathering our equipment in pleasant weather when David Garber flew by over us. That was not expected because he leave the tent 2 hours ago. But he was washing a paraglider (at Alberto’s House) . It turns out that he was “drying” it in the air of Isabela and Quebradillas 😲.

Here are some photos of the activity, I hope you like them …

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