Thursday, January 14, 2021

The adventure of making the flight in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo again materialized. This flight is a very special one, but the pilots have to be skilled to take off in zero wind. And above all be there ready to take off at 6:30 AM.

This time, the pilots present were Danis Rodríguez, Samuel Travis and Luis Ruiz. They all arrived at the Freddy Rental grounds before 6 AM. This is most admirable in the case of Samuel, who traveled all the way from Humacao, to the other side of the island. To be with us there early 💪!!!

At 6 AM everyone was ready to take off, although it was not yet dawn. The first to leave was Samuel, followed by Luis and then Danis. They all came out on the first try without major problems. The flight route was Lajas. Danis and Luis continued their course, while Samuel turned halfway to find no fog in the area.

Samuel went to fly in the direction of the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse while Danis and Luis encountered unexpected turbulence in Lajas. And it is that a cloud that covered the entire valley was approaching and with it heavy rain in all directions. It was amazing to feel the combination of temperatures associated with the weather at that time. Very cold in some places and very hot in others.

Danis and Luis returned to Boquerón and kept flying in the vicinity of the landing area while Samuel was delayed in his flight. The rain was fast approaching.
After a few minutes Danis and Luis landed and put away their equipment. An hour’s flight had passed. Samuel did not appear and the rain came 😑…

It turned out that Samuel had to land at the Boquerón Beach for safety, and there we went to his rescue. By the time we arrived, the rain had momentarily gone and Samuel decided to take off and fly to Freddy’s land where he landed and stored his equipment without major problems.

This was an unexpected adventure since the rain that can fall in Boquerón and Lajas during the year is always very limited, and today was the exception.

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