Sunday, January 17, 2021

Today was a very special and emotional day. We were in Isabela giving Demo flights to people interested in sports and this time we had a visit from our friend Wilson Suzaña and his family. Some time ago Wilson had lived the experience of the flight with his son Efrain and now some family and friends of him came to Live the Experience. Also present were the pilot Deron Freeman and the young student Denzen Almeyda with his father William.

David Garber and Luis Ruiz were in charge of the flights while Deron enjoyed flying around before returning to the USA to resume his professional duties.

It’s very emotional every time we feel like we’re changing someone’s life for the better, and today was a great day. Each one of those who came to enjoy their experiences, arrives with their own challenges.

That was the case with Nixon Perez, Billy and his wife Lola, with Bruni and her husband who, that with over 67 years old 💪!!!, came to overcome their challenges and physical limitations …

👉The launching moment of Nixon Perez with Luis Ruiz, video by Wilson Suzaña👈

👉The preparation of Lola, courtesy of Wilson Suzaña👈

👉The Landing of Lola flying with Luis Ruiz, video by Billy Munoz👈

👉The launching moment of Billy Munoz with Luis Ruiz, video by Lola👈

And finally, we reached the new generation of potential pilots, the young Alex, Wilson’s nephew and Denzen, a young team student at just 11 years old. Neither of them came to the area thinking they were going to fly and today they were given the opportunity. Both were very surprised and nervous previous to their flights.

👉The launching moment of Alex with Instructor David Garber, video by Wilson Suzaña👈

These experiences of both are never forgotten and this is our contribution to future generations. As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live and show to others 🙏.

Here are some videos and photos that best describe the experiences lived in the day…

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