Saturday, February 27, 2021

Finally, the strong winds typical of this season arrived on the island. Winds of over 25 mph are being recorded for the entire island and even with gusts of 35 mph recorded in some places. Now have been 2 weeks of this events.

Against this background, our flight options are very limited. In addition to this, we have the visit these days of the international pilot Nathan James and his girlfriend Stevie from Colorado, USA. So, we had to try some flights, before they returned to the USA 🤔.

Again the ideal alternative turned out to be the Lajas Valley. For this we always meet on the grounds of Freddy Rental in Boquerón. The detail is that to earn this flight, you have to be there ready to fly from sunrise and be able to take off in zero wind conditions… In other words, not every Paramotor pilot can or has the skills to perform this flight.

We about 6 AM, we were getting ready… Nathan James and his girlfriend Stevie, Alex Disla and his Keila, David Garber, Luis Ruiz and Danis Rodríguez.

This time the only one who could not fly was Danis when he faced problems in his take off. In fact, it is the first time that he has difficulties, since on previous occasions he has gone out without major problems.

Alex Disla for his part, is a new pilot joining Team Kamikazes. He took his Training in Florida, with our friend and Instructor José Casaudomecq. He was in Boquerón showing what he had learned. He took off and was flying around Boquerón Beach for about an hour.

Nathan, Luis, and David flew low across the Valley until they reached the town of Lajas. On their way back, Nathan accompanied Alex to the flight over Boquerón, while David had to go down due to unexpected problem with the carburetor of his Paramotor.

In the end, everyone was very happy with their experience. Leaving from there at around 9 AM, we could see how the strong wind covered the island in all its corners (25 mph +). Ahhh, the magician Boqueron 🙂…

Later in the day, we met in Hermes’s Ferrer House at Isabela to join a BBQ party with other Paramotor Pilots from Team kamikazes (Video Kept in Private)…😎

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