Thursday, March 04, 2021

We meet again at Villa Pesquera ISABELA in the afternoon. But today there were no classes or demo flights from the Team Kamikazes school. Just a group of pilots who, taking advantage of the best weather of the past month, (clear with north winds of 5 mph), wanted to fly long distances.

So when Danis Rodríguez arrived, and indicated that he would fly all the way to Hatillo town… the rest of the pilots signed up for the adventure. Luis Ruiz, Sammy Badillo and David Garber prepared their equipment, and in some minutes they all left with Danis in the Cross Fly to Hatillo …

The route covered the Pastillo area in Isabela, the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas, the cliffs until reaching the town of Camuy, the “Peñón Brusi” area in Camuy and the North Park in Hatillo.

Sammy was unable to complete the tour due to problems with the exhaust of his Paramotor, so he landed in the Pastillo area in Isabela, where he was later picked up.

Here we leave a video and some photos that best describe the stories of the day. As always, we thank God for these privileges that he allows us to live 🙏!!!

What a blessing to have the opportunity to live that experience!!!
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