Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The best flight conditions throughout the week to fly, and several members of Team Kamikazes decided to go to Villa Pesquera ISABELA in the afternoon. Were there, Danis Rodríguez, Alberto Sabah, Hermes Ferrer, David Garber and his wife Amara, Youstin Giel, Gregoire Bobo and Luis Ruiz.

Not bad for a day without much planning and as expected, the weather was excellent… Winds from the NE of 5-10 mph were the constant throughout the afternoon. The first to arrive with Luis was Youstin, direct from “La Parguera”. He spent the whole afternoon practicing the paraglider inflation, and he made a very remarkable progress. This time he used an Apco Thrust glider, which is possibly the one he is going to use when it comes to his first “solo” fly. Previously he had only used the BGD Seed for training.

Luis and David were in charge of carrying out some Demo flights for people interested in sports such as Maritza, who lives in the United States, and at every opportunity she has, she comes to visit us and enjoy Paramotoring 🙂.

The pilots, Danis, Alberto, Hermes and Sammy flew around and honed their skills with training takeoffs and landings. It was very nice for them that the winds finally decreased in intensity since last weekend it was very strong, limiting their activities.

At the end of the afternoon, Gregoire Bobo arrived, a native of France and one of our most recent students. He was ready to try his first “solo” flight, So, Luis after the instructions of rigor, gave him the green light to try it.

For this fly, Luis used his efficient Paramotor, SkyMax Expedition EOS100 together with the noble Apco Thrust paraglider. It turned out that Gregoire, stabilized, turned, and launched without major problems. His joy was clearly evident through the communication system 🙂!!!

After about 40 minutes flying, Luis assisted him in the landing, which Gregoire also performed with excellence. Gregoire later indicated that this had been by far his best day in Puerto Rico 💪.

When we leave from there, at late afternoon, Danis had an unexpected problem with his car in the town of Isabela. And Hermes and Sammy were present to help Danis💪.

We continue to add new pilots to the sport that will join us in this adventure of Fly and Life…!!!. Thank to God always 🙏…

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