Weekend of March 20 – 21, 2021

Windy weekend, but with many adventures for the school of Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico. Both days the flying and sharing activities were held in heavenly Isabela. There is much to tell and both days we have a Full House of pilots, their families and new people, even entire families who want to join our adventures.

Pilots and Kamikaze family present during the weekend …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and Children Yaniher, Katelyn and nephews
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Brothers Samuel and Adam Travis
Deron Freeman and his wife Carla
Youstin Giel and the De León family
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
Omar Colon
Roberto Negron
Sammy Badillo
Gregoire Bobo
Aryan Brahmani (Possible New Student)


The morning started with winds a little stronger than expected. All the time the intensity of the same remained at 15 mph, and it was increasing until in the afternoon even a gust of 28 mph was recorded 😮…

This did not discourage the pilots. Thanks to the latest generation of Powered Paragliders, many of the pilots kept flying without major problems in these conditions.

This was the case of Samuel and Adam Travis, who even took a “Cross” flight with David Garber to the town of Hatillo, where they arrived in about 1 hour’s flight flying upwind. It is worth saying that in their return, it barely took 11 minutes to then to return to Isabela.

Some Demo flights were also carried out for people interested in the sport. As was the case with Luis Ruiz’s childhood friend, Pita Figueroa and his friend Georgi. They both enjoyed their flying experiences and who knows if they dare to enter the sport. In the same way, friend Freddy Pérez arrived with relatives from the USA, who also enjoyed their flights.

Samuel, Adam, David, Deron and Luis dedicated themselves to testing different small Paragliders in these conditions such as the Flow “RPM” and Yoti2 model, the Apco NRG PRO II and F1 model, and the BGD Luna2 among others. Already in the afternoon all of them flying safely and in windy conditions at 20 mph + 💪.

As for the students, Roberto Negrón and Gregoire Bobo, they gave the practices very hard. It’s nice to see Roberto, who recently flew, continue to hone his paragliding skills, and in turn see Gregoire ready for his first “solo” flight. We will keep you posted on the adventures of both pilots. The possible student Aryan also arrived at the activity. He had his Demo flight and is already coordinating his start of training in the next few days.

At around 2 PM, weather conditions began to deteriorate, it was no longer just wind, but rain clouds were also approaching. So we decided at the moment, with the invitation of Neisha and Hermes, to go to their house in Isabela and finish the afternoon sharing in a BBQ grill. For this, some of the guys went to the supermarket to buy meats and “snacks”, while Hermes and Neisha prepared the “grill” at home.

The “grill” was attended by the chefs, Pablo Cruz and Omar Colon. So you may know the food was delicious, and we stayed there until late at night. Not even the constant rain of the whole afternoon made the spirit drop in intensity. Many were returned at home at 9 PM, to return tomorrow 😮…


The first to arrive were the brothers Samuel and Adam … Well actually, they never left, they lost their AirBnB at night, and chose to stay in their Ford Transit (which was equipped for these purposes) spending the night in the place of Villa Pesquera, to be able to fly early in the day. Their only complaint was mosquitoes at one point. But there they were, ready for adventure and in a good mood.

The morning started with more wind than yesterday. Apart from Samuel and Adam, the rest of the pilots and students began to arrive a little later … This time, with the food that still lasted from yesterday, and Luis carrying a “grill”, a new BBQ was set up, this time was at Pablo’s charge. Each and every one of those present, enjoying food and drinks in a very pleasant time.

As for the flights… although David, Luis, Samuel and Adam managed to fly in these conditions. This was not the case for the other pilots and students. So we decided to carry out a paraglider inflation practices and perform non-motorized flights using small paragliders by the Towing method. Samuel, Gregoire and Deron enjoyed this type of flight, being controlled on the rope by David 🙂.

In the afternoon, surprisingly, the wind began to decrease in intensity. With this, the flights became much more pleasant. We had a visit from Mr. Juan De León and his family from La Parguera. We remember that Juan had recently flown at 80 years of age. And today his daughters Loyda and Iris managed to Live their Experience. Youstin was also resuming his paragliding control training, after his first experiences in Lajas last Wednesday.

At around 5 PM, the last flights of the weekend were made. Luis, Adam and David closed the same with flights through the area of ​​the Posa de Teodoro. After that, it was time to pick up. It was an intense weekday, surrounded by great friends.

As always, we thank God for all these moments that he allows us to live 🙏.

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