Thursday, March 25, 2021

These four pilots, David Garber, Dave Hargett, Samuel and Adam Travis, made a flight for history. Where no pilot on the island has ever flown his Paramotor. And it is that they arrived flying Round trip to the Municipality of Culebra Island.

This island is about 20 miles away from Fajardo / Ceiba, and these pilots, taking advantage of excellent flight conditions, managed to make the trip. They departure from the Beach of “Machos” in Ceiba, and although their initial plans were to go to the Municipality of Vieques Island, the current weather conditions made the crossing to Culebra more feasible.

Like any flight over the ocean, this presents a safety risk. Which was taken into consideration by the pilots who had direct communication with each other via Bluetooth, in addition to wearing inflatable vests and flying at a height that allowed them to reach any nearby Cay in case any Paramotor had problems. In addition, they all had modern Vittorazi MY20 engines, and fast and efficient paragliders of the latest generation.

Here we include some photos of this journey, which will most likely not be emulated again … Photo Credits to Samuel Travis.

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