Weekend of April 03 – 04, 2021

Villa Pesquera ISABELA, and finally the winds dropped in intensity and we had excellent weather to fly both days. Again, as expected, we had a Full House of pilots, family and friends from Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico.

We have the presence of Ted Sowinski, who after more than 7 months of fulfilling professional commitments in the United States, is back on the island. He will continue working here and in turn sharing and flying with the “Kamikazes” family.

In addition to Ted, they were present in the two days of activity …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Omar Colon
Berto Garcia
Sammy Badillo
Gregoire Bobo
Danis Rodriguez
Ruben Torres
Alex Disla
Eric Betancourt


Excellent weather in the morning that was taken advantage of by Omar and Danis to fly in “cross” all the way to Parque del Norte in Hatillo, back and forth.

👉Danis and Omar flying “Cross” to Hatillo back and forth…👈

We also saw Ted join the Team after months away from Puerto Rico. Not only he was happy to be here, but he was also affected by the heat on the island… (getting into his truck sometime to feel the Air Condition 🙂). He was accompanied on the flights by Ian, Alberto, Luis, Sammy, Alex Disla and Berto. All showing great mastery in their flights and enjoying a beautiful climate.

It was nice to see Berto Garcia join the activity as well. He had been out of rhythm for a few months and there he was flying his reliable Paramotor Propulse Moster and his new Paraglider Ozone Spyder 3.

Alex Disla was also with us. He took his training with our friend and Instructor José Casaudomecq in Florida. Now Alex is based on the island and enjoying his flights with Team Kamikazes. By the way, he was flying all day until he used up all the gasoline in his Paramotor 💪…

As for Pablo and Hermes, both went with their respective families, but neither had the intention of flying, rather to share as a family. Danis ended the afternoon testing the Apco Play42 Paraglider in an “individual” flight. He will be using it in the future for Training Purposes. After 2:30 PM and given the proximity of clouds and rain, we picked up the Tent in order to return tomorrow again..


With doubts about the direction of the wind for good flying, but with excellent weather, we returned to Villa Pesquera de Isabela. The first to arrive besides Luis, was Omar Colon. Yesterday he had left the activity late and we thought that he would not return today due to the much travel and sacrifice he had to make if in fact he traveled (as he did) to the metropolitan area. And not only did he arrive early today, but he also prepared his Paramotor with a Full gas tank to spend the whole day flying around 🤪!

Then Pablo arrived with Millie, also a surprise because yesterday he announced that they would not come today, and there they are, Present!!!… Also must important, this time he took his Paramotor to fly for some time in the morning and in the afternoon!!!

The student Gregoire also arrived early. Yesterday he was training in low winds conditions. This time, again assisted by Luis, Gregoire managed to take off with the Front Launch method and goes flying around the surroundings for more than an hour. This was his second flight in his short career. Congratulations 💪!!!

In the meantime, Luis was carrying some Demo Flights to people interested in the sport and members of Team Kamikazes and their families continued to arrive. We count there, Hermes, Neisha and Katelyn, Alberto Sabah, Mercedes, Eric Betancourt, and also, Rubén Torres, who after a few months of absence, resumed their training with the paraglider.

Today was Eastern Day, and Jessica and Neisha prepared some gift eggs for Noah and Katelyn to find it in the surround area. Was great to see the kids in their innocence to look for the eggs and their gifts inside them 😇…

We had a great time sharing with family all weekend.

Later in the day, the pilots Gustavo Verta, Samuel and Adam Travis communicate to Luis Ruiz that they were in Machos Beach Ceiba for a late afternoon fly. They coincide there by luck, no plans at all, they met and finish flying there. Congratulations 🙂!!!

Here we include some photos of the activities. I hope they are to your liking… Blessings 🙏!!!

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