Saturday, April 10, 2021

To share more with the family of pilots from the metropolitan area and East of the island, we decided to meet at the “El Único” Beach in Dorado. We hadn’t visited that beach for a while, but we bet that the conditions would be good to fly and we were not wrong …

We were in Isabela last Wednesday in windy Conditions, Luis managed to do Demo Flights to Mary and Jeffrey from New York. In the gallery of photos appear a little bit of it. Luis was accompanied by Ted Sowinski and her friends Misty and Emilie.

Wednesday with Ted, and Demo fly to Mary and Jeffrey

Now, in Dorado… Instructor Luis Ruiz arrived at the place at around 8:40 AM and the brothers Samuel and Adam Travis were flying from early morning. They had already taken a flight along the entire beach coast of Dorado and Luis don’t even had been parking his Truck. Later, more pilots from the “Kamikazes” family arrived and also several people interested in the sport.

Present at the activity …

Brothers Samuel and Adam Travis
Luis Ruiz
Rafa Oropesa
Eric Harthman
Alex Disla
David Silva
Roberto Nieves
Eric Betancourt
Eric Roman
Danny Cintron
Gabriel Martínez and his Father
Jason Ford
Jude (prospective student) and his friend Glenn

There’s an story for everyone present, here it goes…

Samuel and Adam Travis – They were flying several times throughout the area including the beachfront hotels in Dorado. The progress of both has been remarkable …

Luis Ruiz – He was testing the new Ozone Spyder 3 glider of Eric Harthman, later he made a Demo flight to Glenn, who resides in NY and was very comfortable with his experience.

Rafa Oropesa – He has been retired from sport for a few years now, but whenever he has the opportunity, to share with the Team Kamikazes family.

Eric Harthman – Today he received his personal and customized paraglider, an Ozone Spyder 3. He was also practicing a bit of inflation with a BGD Seed.

Alex Disla – Little by little he gets deeper into the activities of the Team. He was flying around for about an hour. Takeoff and landing were good.

David Silva, Roberto Nieves and Gabriel Martínez – Pilots with very experience, and took advantage of the good weather conditions to fly all the way to Cerro Gordo Beach in Vega Alta, Back and Forth. All showing great mastery in their flights. Some videos were taken in this adventure…

Eric Betancourt – In the morning he was practicing hard with his fast 20 meter BGD Luna 2 paraglider. Later, in the afternoon, he went to fly around. Its takeoff and landing very good.

Danny Cintron – A former Kamikaze pilot who has been inactive for the past few months due to personal commitments. He spent much of the afternoon practicing control of the paraglider by Reverse and Frontal modes. We hope to have him on the air again soon.

Jason Ford – He is a former Paramotor Pilot and currently resides in “Isleta Marina”, Fajardo. He communicated with Luis Ruiz when he saw some pilots flying through the Eastern Puerto Rico. Jason was practicing with the paraglider in the morning and later in the afternoon he went flying around. For his flight he used a SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor and a 23 meter BGD Luna 2 paraglider. His takeoff and landing were good.

Jude and his friend Glenn – They were there sharing with the group of pilots. Jude is looking forward to starting training soon. His friend Glenn, who was visiting from NY, took a Demo flight with Luis. And he was very happy about his experience.

👉A Live VIDEO from Luis Ruiz in the Area…👈

In the afternoon, we picked up relatively early, since tomorrow we have flight activity pending in the Isabela area. Stay Tuned…

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