Wednesday and Thursday, May 19 – 20, 2021

Training day of the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico school. This time, both days the roads took us to Villa Pesquera ISABELA. We have a pleasant climate to enjoy flight activities.


In the afternoon, Alberto Sabah and Luis Ruiz went to fly around. Very good weather. North winds 5 to 8 mph were the norm. Luis Ruiz took the opportunity to give some Demo flights to the kids Dariel and Yarell, who arrived accompanied by their parents Daniel and Francheska. Surely these flights and at his young age will last a long time in his mind and hearts 🙏.


We returned to Villa Pesquera Isabela, this time officially beginning his course we had Edgardo Rivera, who arrived accompanied by his wife Wilnelia. They traveled from the town of Aguas Buenas to take their training. Luis Ruiz was there all day, with the first part of the theoretical course where all possible topics and doubts were discussed, while in the afternoon when the wind increased a bit in intensity, the inflation practices with the paraglider began.

The student Darwin Hernández also joined the training. He was ready to fly a few months ago when he had to go to the USA to fulfill professional commitments and that time could not make his first “solo” flight. This time, after a warm-up practice. Darwin made his first “solo” flight, and not only that, but he ended up flying three times during the day. All his takeoffs and landings were excellent. He used a SkyMax Expedition EOS100 and an Apco Thrust glider. Congratulations!!!! Let there be many more !!!

Accompanying Darwin in the air were also pilots Ian Darrell González, Danis Rodríguez and Alberto Sabah. The pilot Hermes Ferrer also came to share with us.

We finish the activities at 4 PM. All very happy for a day very well spent doing what we like, flying. 🙏!!!!


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