Friday, July 23, 2021

A visit to Isabela, which was not confirmed until late at night the day before. It turns out that the brothers Ricardo and Mario Muñiz had asked Instructor Luis Ruiz about the possibility of carrying out some Demo flights for these days. The weather conditions had been very active so Luis had not been able to confirm the date.

At last hour on Thursday, Weather forecasts for Friday indicated that a flight window was opening in Isabela. We should be there for flying very early in the morning. After communicating the night before, we decided to get to go and make the flights.

The brothers Ricardo and Mario Muñiz arrived, as agreed, at 7:30 AM with their niece Adriana. Luis prepared the equipment, with the intention of just flying Adriana. This was done successfully. But later Ricardo and Mario were encouraged to make the flights. And they live a great experience. Now, even Mario is considering starting his Paramotor training as early as next week. 💪💪…

We will keep posted if Mario does indeed start and his progress in the sport.

Blessings 🙏!!!.


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