Wednesday and Thursday, August 18-19, 2021 – Filming for TV show…

Well, we continue to carry out our passion for flying and in turn sharing it, with more and more people who visit us from different parts of the island and even abroad. Again these two days we were in the beautiful Villa Pesquera Isabela. And although the weather conditions were active, we always managed to get out and enjoy nature, and in what better way than flying 😉!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2021

This day was Natalia Vélez’s birthday, she was accompanied by her friend Sully, and both arrived very early to Isabela together with Luis Ruiz to enjoy their flight experiences. Both were very pleased with their experiences and Natalia even evaluates her possible training in the process of flying by herself 💪!!! After this fly, some tourists from India appear, and one of then, Nick, took Demo Ride with Luis. He is amazed for the beauty of our Country!!!

Thursday 20 August 2021

From previous weeks we had coordinated to work on a segment for TV, in the program, “El Trip de McConnie”, this program run in Channel 85 of Liberty, also in the platform of Instagram and YouTube. The Host, Carlos McConnie and his Cameraman José, were in Villa Pesquera Isabela on time. Ready for the adventure at 7:30 AM.

The Team Kamikazes pilots present were…

Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Samuel Travis
Danis Rodriguez
Noel Vale
Edgardo Rivera and his cousin and possible student William
Alberto Sabah
Dave Hargett

The wind was initially light, but around 9 AM it began to increase in intensity until at 11 AM it was already windy. The sky was clear, unlike yesterday that we had scattered clouds and some rain clouds.

Luis Ruiz did the interview and promotion for TV together with Carlos McConnie, which ended with the realization of a Demo Flight and with Carlos’ idea of ​​taking the classes in the future to be part of the Team’s group of pilots. Ian Darrell was assisting Luis. At one point he gave a Demo flight to Mia, Carlos’s girlfriend, who also really enjoyed his experience.

While the program was being recorded, several pilots prepared their equipment and went flying. Samuel and Danis, felt like fish in water, playing around as their wish, in these strong winds that were already touching 20 mph+. Alberto joined them, and he did very well in those conditions.

By the time the wind continued to increase in intensity, Edgardo, Noel and Dave decided not to go flying. Rather they dedicated themselves to practice Kiting inflation with their paragliders.

We left there at noon, and everything went perfectly. Later in the day, we observed that the wind continued to increase in intensity until it touched 30 mph !!!, but we had already flown and enjoyed the day. Blessings 🙏!!!

Official TV Video.


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