Saturday, August 21, 2021

And we continue with our adventures and experiences. This despite the fact that the weather this year in general has been a very difficult one. We no longer remember the last time we had a “normal” flight activity, which could last the whole flight day.

We had to adapt to arriving to the places early in the morning, fly and share, and when the wind increases in intensity, simply pick up the equipment and gets back to our homes. This situation has been going on for months, and we can’t wait for things to change. What we hope will happen once the hurricane season ends in October 💪.

This time we had the visit of our new friends, Javier Domínguez and María Elena from Toa Alta and Rafael along with Melissa Maldonado, who lives in the States and were visiting the island for a week. They all came, early in the morning, to assure to Live their Experiences in the Paramotor.

Along with Instructor Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell, the Team Kamikazes pilots present were, Alberto Sabah, Sammy Badillo, Edgardo Rivera along with his wife Wilnelia and Ricardo González with his wife Ermelinda. Everyone got to fly and enjoy a little of the good weather, except for Ricardo, who by the time he arrived, the wind was already quite strong. Another pilot who arrived later was Omar Colon….

Edgardo Rivera from High Altitude to Land in Heavy Winds.

Luis Ruiz, assisted by Ian Darrell, managed to carry out the pending Demo Flights for Javier, María, Rafael and Melissa. Everyone enjoying their experiences to the fullest and promising to return. And that’s what it’s all about, showing our blessings to new friends who come from different parts of the island 😉!

At 10:30 AM, the intensity of the wind easily surpassed 22 mph+ in intensity, and gets stronger minute by minute. With this panorama we ended the flight activity.

But we Had more for the Day…

But the story of the day did not end there…, it turns out that in the afternoon, we had arranged to attend the house of the friend and pilot Hermes Ferrer and his wife Neysha. The reason was his daughter Katelyn’s birthday. Pablo Cruz arrived with his wife Millie, and was in charge of the BBQ. Other friends present were, Omar, Ricardo with Ermelinda, Adam Travis, Edgardo with Wilnelia, Luis with Jessica and Noah Enrique, Alberto and other friends and family of Hermes and Neisha.

We were celebrating and having a great time in family, BBQ, Karaoke and even a little dominoes were play until late night. A video and photos can say more than a thousand words, so here we share part of what happened in the day. Thanks to all who contributed to make all this a success. Blessings!!!

Pablo Cruz “singing”….


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