Saturday, September 04, 2021

We returned to Parque del Norte Hatillo after about a month of absence. As expected, the Park is well cared, thanks to municipal works.

This time, and as has been the custom in the past months, we had excellent flight weather in the morning that became windy as the hours passed. There was good participation from the members of Team Kamikazes who gathered from different parts of the island.

Pilots and family of Team Kamikazes present …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Mario Muñiz, his wife Ivonne and grandson Betuel
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Jose Luis Hernandez
Melissa Earl
Sammy Badillo
Omar Colon
Adam Travis

Early in the morning, Luis Ruiz and Ian Darrell managed to make some introductory flights to the sport, before the wind got strong. We had a visit from Lesbia and Aude, from Villalba and Morovis, and also the family of Wilfredo, Griselle, and and Alexandra from Metro Area. They all managed to make their flights, and after that we had to stop this activity due strong winds.

Meanwhile, Edgardo took the opportunity to fly around the area early. He was later followed by Ian, and Omar. All were flying well and showing their skills despite the limitations with the wind.

As for the school students, Melissa and José Luis were practicing with the paragliders early, and Mario, assisted by Pablo, finally began to master the paraglider at will. He had the glider in control for long minutes. His happy face, Priceless 💪…

At one point during the activity, we took the opportunity to sing a birthday for Wilnelia, who was not expecting it. Also, Adam Travis received his new custom paraglider, a 17 meter orange Flow RPM. He was very happy and decided to inflate it on the spot, despite the fact that in the afternoon the wind was over 20 mph +.

Before Adam inflated his glider, Omar and Ian were flying Luis’s Apco F1 under these conditions. Ian was even doing some paragliding control demonstrations with the BGD Seed training wing. Impressive…

Ian showing some skills and Omar launching the nervous Apco F1.
Omar Colon Reading a Book while flying!!!

So, we come to Adam‘s actions. And as the saying goes, the most important thing in a pilot’s career is his attitude, and Adam, despite having been lifted and dragged in those conditions, was very happy 🙂.

Attached we include some photos and video of the activity. Blessings to all 🙏!!!.


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