Tuesday and Thursday, October 26 – 28, 2021 – Isabela

The beginning of the week surprised us with ideal conditions for flying. In fact, was so good at flying that the difficult thing was to be able to take off in light wind conditions. We took advantage of at least two days of the week for flight in those paradisaical flight conditions 💪…


We went in the afternoon to fulfill coordinated flight commitments with the young Joshuan and Angely, both are University students from Mayaguez. They came to enjoy their flight experiences with Team Kamikazes and Luis Ruiz. Both are athletes from the University, and in Angely’s case, she is a 100, 200 and 400 meter runner 😲!!! and this was his birthday present. With her, despite the gentle breeze, is it not suppose there would be any problems running to take off …

Angely getting Ready.

In Joshuan’s case, we had to postpone his flight, since due to his weight (around 200 pounds) and due to wind limitations and little race space, it was better to postpone the flight for another occasion (which is already being coordinated ).

However, as we mentioned, for the Angely flight, there was no major problem, and with a gentle 5 mph breeze coming from the North, we proceeded to get everything ready.

The moment of Take Off…

In a few minutes, they managed to take off after a good race and to enjoy the flying experience. Angely was very happy with her birthday adventure, and that’s what it’s all about. We will have to square Joshuan’s flight, which we will do soon.

The moment of Landing.


Today was mostly Students Day at the Team Kamikazes school. We were pending of José Román, who is back in the sport after some years away, and Mario Muñiz, a new student and who we understand, is ready to try his first “solo” flight. The pilots Sammy Badillo and Edgardo Rivera also arrived, to fly and assist Luis with the students. Also, Mariela Rivera, from the town of Las Marías, arrived to enjoy her flight experience with Luis.

Once José and Mario began their practices, Luis went out to fly with Mariela in the surroundings. The weather, as expected, was excellent and Mariela was enjoying a great flight. They were accompanied in the air by Sammy and Edgardo.

Part of the Fly of Mariela.
The View at 600ft.

Upon landing, we were sharing, and giving the last technical details to José and Mario on their way to fly soon, possibly in the weekend where it is expected that there will be good weather to fly. Stay Tuned… 🙏.


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