First Week of December – John Black (Yes… the Creator of Beach Blast) in the House…

With the arrival of John Black to Puerto Rico, we began the month of December 2021 🙂.

And who is John Black? John Black is a Certified Paramotor Instructor from the USA, residing in Panama City Beach, Florida. But what characterizes him most is that John has been the Founder and Director of the Largest Paramotor events in US history. The Beach Blast, “Flying in Paradise”. (For an idea of What is Beach Blast, 👉CHECK!!!!👈)

At a Beach Blast event in 2012, Luis Ruiz witnessed seeing over 350+ paramotor pilots gathered and flying in an organized manner on beautiful beaches, surrounded by hotel chains, swimming pools, hot tubs, and equipment vendors parked on the shore. from the beach from which it took off ❤️.

The most important of all this is that John is evaluating the idea of ​​holding a Beach Blast Event again for 2023 !!!… So we will keep you informed of the progress of the event, and for sure, with God’s Favor, Team Kamikazes will be present!!!.

Wednesday, December 1st

John Black arrived with his girlfriend Debbie at Villa Pesquera Isabela in the afternoon to meet with Luis Ruiz and Edgardo Rivera. The wind was unfortunately very strong, (at about 20 mph +). And more than that, a rain storm was coming. Luis and John managed to make short flights around the area before having to land. Edgardo gave up the idea of ​​flying. With these short flights we begin John’s adventures on the island, and we prepare to go South tomorrow.

First Fly of John in the Island. A challenge one, Winds at 20 mph+ and a Storm in coming our way…

Thursday, December 2nd

Due to the strong wind conditions that are dominating the north coast of the island, we decided to go south. This time we left our beds very early in the morning, and at around 6 AM we were getting ready to go flying. Where? On the Lajas Air Track. The conditions were great but zero wind and wet grass were the norm to be able to fly 🤨. Luis Ruiz made a Trike Tandem flight to Debbie. While John went flying with a SkyMax Moster Paramotor and his Dudek paraglider.

Getting Ready very early in the Morning at Lajas Valley.
Time for John to Launch at Cero Wind Conditions (and Wet Grass).

John managed to had a great takeoff. He confessed had been a while in which he had not made a takeoff in zero wind. Edgardo this time couldn’t take off in those conditions and decided to just help other pilots in the area. Debbie was just amaze of the beautiful scenario of misty conditions at Lajas, in her first ever fly!!!, and John, after some 45 minutes of flying, goes land. He slip a bit in the wet grass causing minor damage to the Paramotor, but that was part of the adventure, and everything was fix during the day 😉!!! The two locals ultralight pilots, William and Arnaldo accompanied us in the morning.

John Black Reaction after his Fly.

We leave the place at 9:30 AM heading in direction of Cabo Rojo. After breakfast, we went to visit the Majestic Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and Playa “Sucia”. When we got closer to get there, we find that where the asphalt road ends, the gate to access to the area was closed. So, to arrive to the place we had to walk at least for an hour in the dirt road. And we did it 🧐!

The place and scenario was very well worth the walk and John and Debbie were very amazed by the beauty of the place 💪.

Starting the Long Walk!!!
John and Debbie in a Long Walk heading to Cabo Rojo Light House.

Friday, December 3rd

We went back to Villa Pesquera Isabela in the NW Coast and finally had a good day to fly. Considering it was Friday, we had a good turnout at the venue.

In addition to John Black and Debbie, the former Kamikaze pilot from Connecticut, Deron Freeman, came from the States to visit us, as well as other Kamikaze Pilots present… Alberto Sabah, Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell, José Román, Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia , and surprisingly Pablo Cruz (finished a private work early to simply share with us).

At one point in the morning, John and Ian were flying “cross” in the direction of the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas. Unexpectedly, when they were flying near the Barrio Pastillo of Isabela, the Paramotor used by John, a modern Fly Products Eclipse Moster by Luis Ruiz, inexplicably went out and John had to land in the sand in front of the entrance of the Pastillo.

Edgardo and Luis came to the rescue by car, and arrived there in 20 minutes. When verifying that everything was fine with John and his “long” walk in the sand , it turned out that the Paramotor had only crossed the “Spark”. Go figure… When he changed it, Luis flew the Paramotor back to Villa Pesquera. And the paramotor continued working well all day!

By the time this was resolved and we gets back to Isabela, Deron was also flying in Isabela with José Román, Edgardo, Ian and Alberto Sabah. After some rest, John took his girlfriend Debbie in a Tandem Flight with him.

Ian Darrell at David Garber’s Rock, Video by John Black.

The veteran pilot Pablo Cruz arrived to the activity by surprise, after finish some works. Minutes later, Alberto gave to Pablo his paramotor and paraglider so, he could go to fly for some time in the morning. Edgardo join Pablo and was concentrated on polishing his skills of paragliding control and make some Touch & Go in the process.

Resume of December 03, 2021, Video by Ian Darrell

It was a great day without much planning. John and Debbie are having a great time on their adventures around the island 🙂💪.


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