Sunday, January 02, 2022 – First Activity of the Year…

The first activity of the year took place in Villa Pesquera Isabela. The weather conditions were quite active, but we managed to make a lot of flights and stories in the day.

We begin with the visit of the international pilot, Nimo Rotem, a native of Israel, but residing in California, USA. The Instructor Luis Ruiz provided him a Paramotor and Paraglider. Later and all morning, Nimo was flying all morning along the Coast.

From the Kamikazes family were present, Darwin Hernández, Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, David Garber, Edgardo Rivera, Sammy Badillo and Ted Sowinski, who was taking advantage of his last day of flight on these vacations before returning to the USA to fulfill professional commitments. We hope to have him back in a few months 💪.

The first friends to Live the Paramotor Flight Experience of 2022 were Rafael Diaz and his wife Blanca. They are on vacation on the island and resides in Orlando, Florida. Luis Ruiz and David Garber were in charge of carrying out the Demo flights.

Rafael flying with David.

Among the pilots’ stories, Ted was flying all morning. That included flying in 20 mph wind conditions on his last flight. David Garber and Ian Darrell, went up to fly together and did a good demonstration of synchronized flights with small paragliders.

In the meantime, Edgardo continued his progress in controlling the Paramotor in its takeoffs and landings. Each day more smoothly and professional. Ready for major challenges. His wing partner, Darwin battled against the wind and flew upwind until reached the coast of Quebradillas before turning due to turbulence. Sammy Badillo was testing his new Paramotor in 18 mph winds intensity, and it flew great.

At around mid day, the student/pilot Ray Malave arrived. He comes prepared for practice but the intensity of wind didn’t let him do it. There was not much to do when the winds were constant at 20 mph+ and we decided to end the activities.

We took advantage of the whole morning to fly, as always thanking God for another year of adventures with the Team Kamikazes family 🙏.


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