Monday, January 17, 2022 – First Fly Ever of Jomar Crespo !!!!

Holiday, Memorial day of Martin Luther King. It was very well used by the Team Kamikazes school from early hours in Villa Pesquera Isabela.

Living the Experience…

David Garber and Ian Darrell had the task of making the Demo flights, to people who had gotten to know a little more about the sport and want to Live their flight Experience. And these new friends came from different parts of the island…

Miguel Camacho, his friend Silvia Torres and Luis from Ponce
Judy Mar and her son Jovanier from Quebradillas
Jeannette from Aguada
Carlos González and his father Manuel from Cayey
Alex Méndez, Meralis and Coralis from Moca

Each and every one of them had a very nice and unforgettable experience of their flights. The launch was difficult for all of them, cause the wind comes from the North and Light. So, we need to earn the fly running and sometimes was not enough. At the end everyone managed to do it, as was the case with Silvia, who had some physical limitations and we managed to help her out, and she flew with David Garber all the way to Guajataca in Quebradillas. In fact, her friend, Miguel Camacho protested, since we didn’t take him there, 🤣.

Alex Mendez with David Garber
Royal Isabela…

Training and Jomar first “Solo” Fly…

Meanwhile, Luis Ruiz was dedicated to the training of the school’s students. Saying present were Angelo Ávila along with his brother (Bayamon), Jomar Crespo (Isabela), Keith Gould (residing on the island), Joaquín Alexander Cruz (Vieques) and Ken Arciola (New York). The practices were vigorous, a lot of exercise, walking or running, since the wind conditions were very light. The veteran pilot Ricardo Gonzalez was helping Luis with the students.

We decided to give a Green Light to Jomar Crespo’s first flight attempt. He is a very skilled student and his attitude is positive. With direct instructions of Instructor Luis Ruiz, we go for it… The Paramotor for the occasion is a SkyMax EOS100. This Paramotor have been the beginner Paramotor for a lot of students of the school. Weighting just 38 pounds is a plus… The paraglider will be a Flow Cosmos Power 24 meter.

After a couple of attempts, and some corrections, Jomar Take Off for his first “solo” Fly. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Jomar Crespo First “solo” Fly, Video by Keith Gould.

He kept flying for about 45 minutes in the area, and when it landed, it also did it standing up!!!. Another Team Kamikazes pilot in the air!!!. We hope it is the first of many more for Jomar.

The rest of the students were practicing all day. The tiredness was already evident in the afternoon. But each and every one of them has great skills and with Jomar’s motivation, they will also being flying very soon.

Blessings!!! 🙏


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