Sunday, January 23, 2022 – Isabela and very good stories…

We start the morning in Villa Pesquera Isabela with a House Full of new friends looking to Live the Experience of flying. A lot of public and most importantly, the excellent weather to be able to carry out the activity.

Presents from Team Kamikazes…

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
David Garber and his wife Amara
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn
Joaquín Alexander, his wife and children
Ray Malave and his girlfriend Marilyn
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Jose Luis Hernandez
Sammy Badillo
Jose “TNT” Villanueva
Omar Colon
Jomar Crespo
Keith Gould

Living the Experience…

Our new friends came from different parts of the island such as Cataño (Gabriel González and his family, accompanied by our friends Nathanael, José Rodríguez and Enid, Toa Alta (Eva and Ronaldo), Carolina (Dorcas Calo and her boyfriend who give her this surprise gift), Aguas Buenas (Keyla and Eva), San Germán (Keniath) and Aguadilla (Robert, his wife and son Alejandro and Andrea). All of then having a great time!!!

Passion and Good Work and the People arrive to join. God Bless!!!

The School…

The school’s students were practicing all day, and this was the case for José Luis Hernández, Joaquín Alexander, Jomar Crespo, Ray Malave, José “TNT” Villanueva, Mario Muñiz, Keith Gould, Hermes Ferrer, and little Noah Enrique. who practiced hard at all times under the supervision of Pablo Cruz, Alberto Sabah who looks much better from his foot injury, David and Luis.

The school…
The school at 5 PM!!!
Little Noah, infinite energy? OMG God Bless!!!

In the case of student José Luis, we took the opportunity of good weather to bring him a Demo flight with David, as part of his training , that will help a lot in the future “solo” fly by Jose Luis. He made the flight and spent most of the time controlling the paraglider. Stay Tuned…

In the afternoon, when we had already completed the Demo flights. David Garber was in charge of making some flights in “Towing” to the students of the school. For this and looking for a smooth climb we used a Flow Panorama 32 Paraglider. The first to climb was Keith, who we are seeing ready for his first “solo” flight. The weather was excellent, we were there past 5 PM.

Pilot Stories…

Among the pilots, apart from Alberto and Pablo, there was also Ricky González, who also had to assist Noah in his practices. Little Noah has a great power of persuasion, 😊.

Ray Malave – After several days of preparation, he was ready to fly again, now with his almost new Miniplane Top80 Paramotor and Apco Lift EZ Paraglider.

Ray Malave assisted by Instructor Luis Ruiz in his 2nd Fly Ever!!!!

Ricardo Gonzalez – In his years in the sport, today was the first time that he was performing “Touch & Go”. And it is that he would land and come out again, and this he repeated on several occasions, showing how much he has progressed recently! Congratulations!!!

Omar Colon – Arrived with his Fly Products Eclipse Paramotor recently repaired, from the bad treatment he had given him in recent months. Luis gave him his BGD Luna2 sport paraglider and Omar was very comfortable flying around.


The tourist content creator of “Enjoy Isabela”, Abdiel, was present, and after months of preparation, he finally had the opportunity to live the experience of paramotor flight. He went up to fly with Luis Ruiz and they flew along the entire coast that included the Poza de Teodoro, Middles Beach, Secret Spot Beach and the Royal Isabela cliff.

We finished the activity with the visit of some Cows to the area of flying. Was very unexpected to see a large quantity of Cows head our way late afternoon. As always we give thanks to God for these opportunities that allows us to live!!! Blessings 🙏!!!

Large Quantity of Cows in the Area!!!


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