Saturday, May 21, 2022 – A visit to “Unique” Beach Dorado, but TOO Windy…

We decided to visit the beautiful area of ​​Dorado in the north of the island and very close to the metropolitan area. Specifically, we arrived at “El Único” Beach where we have excellent conditions to practice our sport.

Unfortunately, once we arrived, the wind conditions were very strong and not ideal for novice pilots. In fact, for experienced pilots, it was necessary to have sport gliders that could battle against the prevailing wind.

Saying present were pilots Ben Doyle his wife Andrea, and daughter Emma, Luis Ruiz, Edgardo Rivera, Angelo Avila, David Silva and Ray Malave.

Ben, Luis and Edgardo managed to get out flying early in the morning with 18 mph winds gusting to 22 mph. For this, they all used sport gliders, Ben used his 18 meter Flow RPM, Luis used his 18 meter Luna 2 BGD and Edgardo used his 23 meter Luna 2 BGD. In the meantime, Angelo, took the small training glider, BGD Seed of 14 meters to polish his skills.

After this flights, we took a break and in the afternoon, Luis and Edgardo would fly again, this time Edgardo using a faster Apco F1 of 22 meters. Ray and David decided not to fly and stayed there sharing during the afternoon.

Tomorrow we hope to return to Isabela where, due to geographical reasons, lower intensity winds were recorded today and Sammy Badillo was flying there until noon.


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