Saturday, January 18, 2020

Before earthquakes that continue to affect the island in the southern area. A lot of wind, rain and waves in the north area. We found a place very early in the morning where we can fly and not only that. But rather a quality flight, as long as we can take off in zero wind conditions.

Again for the morning flight of Boquerón. Luis Ruiz and Ted Sowinski were In, this time they had the company of Thaddeus Gala, another former student of Team Kamikazes and now an expert pilot. Again the meeting point was on the grounds of Freddy Rental in Boquerón at 6:30 AM.

This time Ted could not take off and even had a breakdown in the paramotor after a failed attempt that prevented him from his morning flight. However, Thaddeus and Luis launched and left in the direction of Lajas. The weather although mild but felt different. Showers were approaching and falling in some nearby areas as we flew. Just arriving at the town of Guanica we had to return when we find a wall of rain just in front.

Once back to Boqueron and while passing over the PR116 road, we took a turbulence of wind that accompanied all the way to Boquerón. Thaddeus was happy with his fly and tomorrow he had to leave for the USA for personnal commitments.

How many iguanas can you count…Great way to start the morning~

Posted by Thaddeus Gala on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Posted by Luis Ruiz Kamikazes on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Meanwhile, in other part of the island,  the pilots Gregory Santiago and Sao Cruz took a morning flight. The met in Salinas Town, they were assisted on land by Carlos Candido.

Launching of Sao Cruz.

Landing of Sao Cruz.

There was no more to do in the day. Wind and rain covered the island. At least we take some time to repair the damage of Ted’s paramotor.

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