Saturday, July 10, 2021

Active weather with lots of wind and rain throughout the week. For this weekend, things didn’t look like they would get better. But we decided to give it a try early in the morning at Villa Pesquera Isabela.

We received a visit from the Team Kamikazes pilot, Darwin Hernández, who recently as yesterday arrived on the island from the USA to try to fly this weekend with the rest of the group. Along with him came Instructor Luis Ruiz, Pablo Cruz with his wife Millie and Omar Colon. Later in the morning also arrived, Luis’s wife, Jessica Cruz, along with her son Noah Enrique.

As part of the adventure of the day and previously scheduled we had the visit of our new friend Luis Cruz, a native of Hatillo, along with his wife Grace and daughter Lira to share with us very early in the area. We had told him that if a Demo flight could take place, it would have to be very early in the morning and there they were, ready for the adventure at 7:30 AM 💪.

As happens in these types of situations, the universe connived and presented us with an ideal climate early in the morning. Luis took Grace for a Demo fly. She was very happy with her experience. And this is what it is all about, bringing joy and positive experiences to each of those who come to our school. Thanks God 🙏!!!

While this was happening with Luis and Grace, on the other hand, Omar went flying around. His mastery in the sport is evident, he continues to make great strides. Darwin, received from Luis, his new 20-meter BGD Luna2 paraglider. He quickly began to practice with it, in route to fly it later.

A few hours passed and the weather remained within acceptable flight ranges, and Luis gave Darwin the Green Light to fly. For that he gave him the ultra-light SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor. Darwin, took off with authority and not only that. But it kept flying around until it used up all the gasoline ☺️!!! His joy was evident, and he was very happy with his new paraglider.

In part of his flight, he accompanied Omar to fly over the Royal Isabela Golf Course, and from there, Omar proceeded to land at the “Cueva de Las Golondrinas” that was full of tourists. Everybody taking pictures of him. For those who do not know, this cave can only be visited for a few weeks a year when the tide lowers its level. And these days it is possible to visit it 💪🙏.

Darwin in Front of “Cueva Las Golondrinas”

Pablo for his part was assisting Darwin in his flight and landing, which he also did with excellence.

Darwin Reaction after flying the BGD Luna2

At around 11 AM we started putting our equipment away as the wind had picked up some intensity and we were also preparing to return tomorrow Sunday with most of the Team’s squad, who have confirmed their attendance for tomorrow. God Bless!!!.


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