Thursday, September 09, 2021 – Paramotor Trip to Vieques… (after 11 years)!!!

Honor to whom Honor deserves… In March 25, 2021, four (4) Paramotor Pilots flying made a Journey, never before carried out in the history of Paramotoring in Puerto Rico. We refer to Dave Hargett, David Garber, Samuel Travis and Adam Travis. All of them flew all the way from “Machos” Beach in Ceiba to the Island / Municipality of Culebra. A total trip cover more than 40 miles of Travel 😲. You can enjoy this story and its details in our Team Kamikazes Story Archives section, 👉THE STORY👈.

So, this Thursday, September 09, 2021, pilots Dave Hargett and brothers Adam and Samuel Travis, coordinated and took off their Paramotors from Machos Beach in Ceiba, and went directly to fly, this time, over the Island Municipality of Vieques that located about 10 miles away, Open Water. They launched from Macho Beach at 10:30 AM and eventually landed, after the Trip at 1:30 PM !!!

This time, it was not the first time that someone flew a Paramotor to Vieques, since the former Team Kamikaze pilot José “Viva” Méndez had done it eleven (11) years ago (he arrived to Vieques, but with doubts about his engine, he decide to land there, eventually he took the Ferry to return to Main Island) . The date of his Travel/Adventure was Saturday, September 25, 2010. Was a long time before someone repeated the Trip/History. You could see the Story of Jose “Viva” Mendez, again in our Archives section, 👉THE “Viva” Mendez/Vieques STORY👈.

For Internal Communications with regulatory agencies and Security Reasons, it is possible that these flights will not be repeated. At least in the near future. But, as the article started… Honor to whom Honor deserves … what a great feat💪💪💪. Here are some photos of the journey !!!

Blessings 🙏!!!


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