Saturday, November 13, 2021 – A very early Fly at Lajas Valley…

At this time of year, the best flight conditions are in the southern area. This time Luis Ruiz and Sam Travis met very early in the Lajas Valley. In the Lajas Air Park located on PR305.

The wind was predictably zero miles and the grass was wet. This is always very challenging for Paramotor pilots taking off on foot. This time Sam and Luis left without much problem 🙂.

Sam flew in the direction of the town of Guanica and back along the entire coast of La Parguera until he reached the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

Luis, for his part, after play sometime in the misty clouds of the Valley, arrived at the town of Guanica. But instead of going down the coast, he flew north until he met the PR2 highway. From there he went along the entire highway until he flew to the sunflower field that he located in Guanica.

Luis playing in the Misty Clouds of Lajas Valley.

On the way back, both pilots met and flew throughout the Lajas Valley before landing. Quick Silver pilot Arnaldo also said present, and also flew around.

It was a nice morning and great to be able to start the day that way.


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