Weekend, December 11 – 12, 2021 – Lajas Valley Adventures and an (unexpected) Birthday Celebration!!!

Due to the strong wind conditions that prevail in the past weeks. We take these two days to fly to the Lajas Valley.

When nowhere is it possible to enjoy a good flight, this valley is protected by the mountains in the center of the island and those that surround the town of Yauco. This allows for very good flight conditions usually from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM. After this, the good weather “bubble” usually breaks and the weather begins to deteriorate.

Saying present in the area were Omar Colon, Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, Berto García, Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia and David Garber. Ultralight pilots Arnaldo and William also arrived.

Berto, Ian and David were doing “Front Launch” takeoffs and had no problems flying out. At one point Ian and David even fly the entire Valley together.

Ian and David flying together.

As for Edgardo and Luis, they were flying by the Trike modality. Luis is protecting an injured leg and prefers these days to fly in the Trike to avoid hurting it.

Luis Ruiz flying the Valley, surrounded by Mist.

Edgardo for his part continues with his Trike training. This weekend, he had the setbacks that he did not have at the beginning. It turns out that before this weekend, Edgardo had already flown twice and his takeoffs and landings were very comfortable. However, this time the paraglider got wet and the stories changed 🙄…

👉A very bad attempt, and no Abort mind from Edgardo, good Learning experience!!!!👈

👉 Way better approach after some more learning experiences 👈

On several occasions he tried to take off and in each attempt a new lesson appeared for Edgardo. From correcting the route with the Trike, to keeping the A bands attached for a longer time as the paraglider went up properly, etc. In the end, he managed to make his flights, but it was not easy! And he was a better pilot after that for sure.

The “surprise” birthday…

It turns out that on Sunday afternoon, the Team Kamikazes family had agreed to meet at the home of pilot and friend Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes in Isabela. Supposedly to celebrate the birthday of his daughter Jessica, but in reality it was to celebrate the “surprise” birthday of Jessica, Luis’s wife 🙂.

Many friends and family from Team Kamikazes were present, some even stayed late into the night. Here we share some videos taken from the activity.

The activity is starting, Video by Pablo Cruz.
Sexy Pablo…
Hermes and Berto… (there are other Videos, But we finish with this…🤣)

We thank God for the very special people with whom we travel this path called Life. And to Alberto and Mercedes for allowing us to enjoy their family home. Blessings 🙏!!!


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